Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sample Resume

When you prepare your resume, keep the following points in your mind to get maximum impact on the employer.
  1. Provide a subject line which exactly reflects your expertise in different modules Eg:- see the sample screen shot:

  1. The HR who is some times busy with much of recruitment activity, will not have time to view your entire resume. So it’s always better to provide a summary section briefing about your experience, your main skills and other important things. High light in bold letter where ever it is needed. Eg:- see the sample screen shot:

  1. Now provide your experience in various organizations you’re worked, starting with your current organization. Eg:- see the sample screen shot:

  1. Using tabular form of representation always gives clear cut information to the person who views your resume. So I always prefer writing my content in table structure. A sample screen shot showing your skills is give below:

  1. Now provide in detail about the different project you have worked and handled. The following information has to included:
a.                  Project name (In bold letter)

b.                  Client name in which you have engaged

c.                  Time period

d.                  Your role & position in the project

e.                  Your responsibilities handled in the project

f.                   Description about the project
See that all the skills you mentioned in the previous section have to be used in the projects that your have worked.
  1. Now provide your education details and any achievements you have made in your career (which are worth mentioning).
  2. Finally provide your personal details like your passport number, date of birth, address detail etc.,
  3. Last but not least, your name, your contact details (email id, phone no.) has be the heading of your resume. High light these details, as the recruiter can not waste her time in searching your resume for your contact details.
Following are some sample resumes based on experience level: