Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Biggest Alexa Hackathon of 2018 by Amazon | Win 3 Lakhs Now

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icon20 Mar - 07 Jun, 2018
Code Gladiators 2018
Amazon Alexa Hackathon
Hi Oracle Apps Jobs
TechGig is very pleased to inform that you have been selected as one of the Potential Amazon Alexa Developer in our community. So, here is one golden opportunity for you to grab prizes worth Rs. 3 Lakhs and get recognition at international level.
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Question: What is a slot?
  • Slots are used to re-prompt users when they don't respond.
  • Slots capture numerical user input.
  • Slots are created in the interaction model to define user input that can be used in the backend code/ Lambda function.
  • Slots are used to provide custom user output.
Awards & Recognition
Prizes worth 3 Lakhs to be won
Hackathon Winner
Rs 1,50,000
Hackathon 1st Runner-Up
Rs 1,00,000
Hackathon 2nd Runner-Up
Rs 50,000
Here's why you must participate
Get Recognition at International Level
Get recognized as "The Best Amazon Alexa Expert" at international level
20+ Companies Participating
20+ companies are participating in Code Gladiators 2018
Win Attractive Prizes
Win attractive prizes worth more than Rs. 3 Lakhs and many other prizes
Interview Opportunity
You might earn an interview opportunity from any of the participating companies
Participate Now
Happy Coding
Team TechGig
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