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Heres What The CEO Of Dell Has To Say About Indias Techies | Heres how much Google, Tesla and Amazon workers are paid

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03 May, 2018
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Heres What The CEO Of Dell Has To Say About Indias Techies
Complimenting India on its digital drive, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, said that he gets inspired by what the country is doing to transform its society and economy.IndiaStack, ... more
Heres how much Google, Tesla and Amazon workers are paid
You must have always wondered about the kind of salaries that tech giants pay to their employees. Google, for instance, pays a median salary of nearly $200,000 per annum to its employees.The cushy sal... more
Cisco sells off a $5 billion acquisition for $1 billion
Cisco announced on Tuesday that it finally has a buyer for its service provider video business - a unit that has struggled over the years as the cable industry has been upended by cord cutters and str... more
Double-digit salary is nowa long shot for Indian IT employees
IT services firms are no longer giving the fancy increments that they used to. Professionals working in these IT firms have taken help of the social media to raise voice against the low salary increme... more
Three million jobs created in India in last six months: Myth vs reality
The job market is gaining traction, finally. Giving ammunition to Prime Minister Modi to defend his promise on job creation ahead of the 2019 general election, data released by the Employees Provident... more
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