Thursday, 3 May 2018

[Hurry Up] Get Back in Race to Become HERE Mobility And Location Services Hackathon Champion

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icon20 Mar - 15 May, 2018
Code Gladiators 2018
HERE - Mobility & Location Services Hackathon
Hii, Oracle Apps
Not satisfied with your score? You still have a chance to score and get close to winning.
We would like to inform you that you are still in the race to win the title of Mobility Hackathon Champion in Code Gladiators 2018. Take another attempt to see if you can go past your previous score and even set a new benchmark in the process.
You have 1 attempt left to Rank Higher on Leader board.
Re-attempt Now
Awards & Recognition
Hackathon Winner
Rs 1,50,000
Hackathon 1st Runner-Up
Rs 1,00,000
Hackathon 2nd Runner-Up
Rs 50,000
Happy Coding!
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