Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Oracle Apps, your Bob The Bear result is ready

Presented by 20 March - 09 June, 2018
TechGig Code Gladiators 2018
World's biggest coding contest is on
Oracle Apps, you have scored 0 marks in Bob The Bear problem.
You still have a chance to score and get close to winning.
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Contest Schedule
Open Round 20 Mar - 02 May Online Closed
Semi Final 05 May - 21 May Online Open
Final 09 June (One Day Event) Mumbai To be held
Awards & Recognition
Champion : Rs 2,50,000
1st Runner-Up
Rs 2,00,000
2nd Runner-Up
Rs 1,50,000
3rd Runner-Up
Rs 1,00,000
4th Runner-Up
Rs 75,000
Best Female Coder
Rs 50,000
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Oracle Apps If you are a true-blue coder, this is an unmissable opportunity.
So go for it!
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Looking forward to have your submissions in Code Gladiators…
Happy Coding!
Team CG
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